Building unrivaled confidence in mass tort cases
Perfected Claims’ case acquisition and case development solutions give law firms the power of visibility — delivering our proven process to attract quality claimants, maximize ROI, and successfully move cases toward optimal resolution.
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Perfected Claims has supported thousands of claimants following injury or catastrophe.


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Mass Tort Litigations
Tort litigation transparency
— from A to Z
Pursuing mass tort litigation can set law firms on the path to profitable growth, but it can take years of balancing risks and costs to develop a winning case.

In a rapidly expanding mass tort landscape, law firms face fierce competition for quality claimants, frustrating fragmentation, and unsustainable back-office burden. How will your law firm raise the bar?

At Perfected Claims, we’re building on our mass tort expertise to support law firms as they pursue justice and compensation for their clients. Our mass tort strategies blend custom-built technology with a human touch, ensuring a positive experience for plaintiffs and unrivaled transparency for law firms throughout the litigation lifecycle.

From acquisition through resolution, gain confidence knowing where every case stands.
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Is outdated or disjointed technology, vendors, and processes stunting your law firm’s growth goals?
Are you looking to generate the highest-quality clients for case development and avoid fallout?
Do you have confidence that your claimants are qualified?
Do you know where claimants and cases stand during each stage of the litigation lifecycle?
Advance mass tort cases with confidence.
Case Acquisition
Prioritize high-quality leads with our ethical and personalized in-house marketing campaigns.
Custom audience profiles
Elevated creative campaigns
Lead management
Performance reporting
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Case Development
Remove administrative burden with a dedicated team overseeing every stage of the litigation lifecycle.
Intake qualification
Case discovery
Plaintiff form fulfillment
Client engagement
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Case Resolution
Achieve due justice and compensation with frictionless support along the payment chain.
Claims administration
Settlement administration
Lien administration
Settlement fund administration
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Empowering mass tort law firms with a tech stack they can trust
In complex mass tort cases, harnessing the right tech stack can mean the difference between propelling cases forward or navigating the consequences of legal fallout.

Perfected Claims’ custom-built software is designed to eliminate litigation fragmentation by bringing powerful tools and insights together in one seamless enterprise platform. Our tech-powered team organizes and supports every tort action, giving law firms the immediate confidence they need to evaluate case merits while we successfully move them through the litigation lifecycle.
Transforming the mass tort industry
Perfected Claims streamlines the path to successful mass tort litigation by giving law firms the support and confidence to drive profitable growth. Learn how we’re transforming tort actions for our partners.
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