We provide unprecedented value and transparency to lead counsel.

Our Services

We provide mass tort law firms with a holistic approach to case acquisition, case development, and case resolution that is built in-house on proprietary, enterprise software.

Case Acquisition

Law Firms deserve to be represented as champions for justice, and those who have been injured deserve to see advertising that truly represents the gravity of what they went through or are experiencing. 

Legal Marketing pricing should be fully transparent. We do not believe in the world of cost per lead or cost per signed case where costs are hidden and it’s unclear how money was spent or where the leads came from. Instead, we believe in a flat agency fee and we believe in providing comprehensive data and metrics on how campaigns are performing and how we are acquiring our cases. We manage every part of the marketing process in-house from creative to ad placement.

We believe in providing a superior client experience to support potential clients throughout our qualification process. Our teams are highly skilled and entirely in-house. This part of the process is too important to outsource, setting the first impression and establishing the relationship for a multi-year process.  

Case Development

Law Firms deserve to know that the clients that have chosen them for representation are qualified. The days of waiting months or years for this confirmation are gone. We are able to verify identity and validate proof of injury in significantly less time.

Law Firms and their clients deserve autonomy and transparency. For law firms, our enterprise software allows our team to develop cases through the plaintiff fact sheet and provide personalized dashboards that are configured to our law firms’ individual needs. For their clients, we provide a client portal where they can send documents, access their information, interact with their case analysts, and view the current status of their claim. 

Client engagement isn’t an afterthought to us, it is our core and entirely managed in-house. A client’s decision to seek representation may be a difficult choice. Our goal is to elevate their experience by showing we will support and care for them at every interaction. This starts with our onboarding communications to welcome new clients and continues with our consistent touch points to provide case updates, newsletters and check-ins throughout their long journey. 

Case Resolution

No matter the administrator(s) selected or your preferred partners, ensuring your clients do not feel they are being passed off is critical to their experience. Settlement administration, lien resolution, and fund administration coordination will be seamless.

From the first advertisement a potential client sees to the last dollar they receive, we will support them every step of the way.   

About Us

Perfected Claims is on a mission to ensure that people who are wrongfully harmed receive justice.

In other words, we’re on a mission to transform the lives of people that have been harmed at no fault of their own. This mission is a driving force that unites our internal team, the law firms we partner with, and ultimately serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to the people we help, the individuals harmed.

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